Our Services


We are a full-service web design agency that creates beautiful websites for small to mid-sized businesses and organizations. We offer a wide array of web design services that can fit your exact needs and budget.

UX Research

We always strive to remove our subjective opinions from the equation and to make our design process as objective as possible, by focusing on real customer-driven data and the most up-to-date UX research.

Market Research

Really understanding your industry and what your competition is doing guides all of the work that we do.

Content Development

Your site needs strong information architecture, logical user flows, and clear writing, or people won’t use it.

User Testing

Data from real people using your website helps issues be discovered sooner, so they can be fixed sooner.

Custom Web Design

With the proliferation of site building platforms attempting to simplify the design process and eliminate the need to code, you might think that web designers are becoming obsolete, but working with experts who truly deliver will always be vital.

Wireframes & Prototyping

Working out content and functionality before moving to the design and dev stages saves time and money.

Hi-Fidelity Mockups

Mockups can prevent design decisions that need to be reversed from tanking your budget. 


With over 56 million Americans having some disability (US Census, 2012), web accessibility is crucial.  

Web Development

From static sites, page builder sites, to fully customized sites we offer a full range of options to our clients. We can also consult about every aspect of the maintenance of your website and even offer affordable hosting services.

WordPress & Divi Development

As the most popular CMS in the world, WordPress offers a huge range of options that can fit almost any budget.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

When a template isn’t going to cut it, we can create a custom WordPress theme to fit your exact needs.

Headless WordPress Development on the Jamstack

Allows you to edit content with the WP backend but use a static frontend, for greater speed and security.

Our Work

Click on one of our recent projects below to see a case study for an in-depth look at our design process.

Laptop showing the Distillery website
Laptop showing the Larky website
Laptop showing the June Manning Thomas website

We are devoted to creating excellent, modern websites utilizing up-to-date techniques, design principles, user experience research, and accessibility guidelines.

From Our Clients

The best thing about our jobs is the amazing people we get to know, work with, and serve.

“I can’t recommend Nehemiah Harmsen’s talent highly enough. Nehemiah 9 Design was a great creative partner for a series of design and UX projects.”

James Burdine

Vice President of Marketing, Distillery Tech

“Nehemiah goes out of his way to create a design that is what you desire! I'm so happy with the final product and so are my customers. Thank you so much for being detail oriented and on top of communication, too!”

Courtney Chaal

Owner, CourtneyChaal.com

“[Nehemiah was] an exceptional designer to work with through multiple iterations of the needed products—timely, imaginative, asked effective clarifying questions, responsive to feedback, and I’d definitely recommend others to work with [him] as well as look forward to working on other projects together.”

Jennifer Dowd

Senior Education Program Manager, National Wildlife Federation

“Very creative and cares about his work! Excellent.”

Steve Zyskowski

Facilitator & Founder, Caerusnet

Let’s Work Together!

Let’s connect over email to set up a time to discuss your new project to see how we can work together to become partners to help you grow your business.