SINCE 2015

Since 2015, Nehemiah 9 Design has been partnering with small to mid-sized business owners to help them develop and grow their businesses. We specialize in designing beautiful, functional, user-friendly, and accessible websites. Depending on your budget and needs, we can work with you within preexisting frameworks or make completely customized work.

Nehemiah is a designer who manages the projects, solves problems, and brings creative ideas to life conceptually and visually, step-by-step with research, interviews, brainstorming, sketching, wireframes, mockups, testing, and final products.

Jean is a developer who helps to make these websites come to life with her expertise in coding with experience in multiple languages and frameworks. She also is very experienced with web hosting setup and solving the technical issues that invariably crop up.

We also offer consulting about all things web related including choosing website platforms, site security, domain names and more.


Together since 2005, Jean and Nehemiah have been working together building websites professionally since 2015.

Nehemiah Headshot

Nehemiah Harmsen

Co-Owner and UX Designer

I am a user experience designer focused on WordPress web design for small to medium-sized businesses. I have a strong fine art background and also have experience with different areas of design including logo and print design. I also have experience in animation, audio production, and video editing. My goal has always been to try to have as many tools in my design toolbox so that I am able to provide exactly what is needed to complete the final project, matching it as closely to the creative vision. And, with more than 10 years of experience as an educator I always do my best to work with our clients exactly where they are at, sharing my expertise with patience and understanding.

Résumé (PDF)

Jean Headshot

Jean Wang

Co-Owner and Web Developer

I am a WordPress site Developer, and a big fan of Docker and Jamstack. I have been building WordPress sites for a variety of different clients since 2015, creating custom themes or modifying free and paid themes with the help of my design partner. I am currently focusing on self-training in using Docker for development, and headless WordPress using JavaScript frameworks as the frontend. I am interested in Full Stack JavaScript Development with Node.js. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, a strong foundation in object oriented programming, and five years of professional experience in China. I am a native Mandarin and Cantonese speaker, who is fluent in English.

Online Résumé (External Link)

We are devoted to creating excellent, modern websites utilizing up-to-date techniques, design principles, user experience research, and accessibility guidelines.


We are a full-service web design agency, located in partly sunny Ann Arbor, Michigan, that creates beautiful websites for small to mid-sized businesses.

UX Research

With every decision we put your customer’s needs first, using the most current data and best practices available.

Custom Web Design

From sketches, to wireframes, to mockups, to prototypes we design websites that fit your needs perfectly.

Web Development

We don’t just design and make pretty websites, we also code them to be functional, stable, and secure.

Our Work

Click on one of our recent projects below to see a case study for an in-depth look at our design process.

Laptop showing the Distillery website
Laptop showing the Larky website
Laptop showing the June Manning Thomas website

Let’s Work Together!

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